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science webinars
The Audience
3.5 Million+ Engaged Scientists come to Bitesize Bio each year, searching for solutions.
• They come when they have an urgent, unsolved problem that needs a solution today, not for watercooler topics like news or light entertainment.

• This is a savvy group that responds to quality content, and who control spending in labs and life science companies.

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 Scientific Advertising to a Global Audience

3.5 Million Scientists each Year

Driven by valuable organic search traffic, Bitesize Bio's traffic continues to grow while serving an exclusive audience of scientists.
Scientific Advertising
Highly targeted
Scientists per month watch Webinars and read articles at Bitesize Bio.

4.5 + million search-driven pageviews yearly

Qualified researchers dig into articles and webinars to augment their research.

As their value increases to companies trying to reach them, so does the cost of advertising to them via paid search.

Science Webinars
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science webinars
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Prime Search Traffic

Science webinars for search

Bitesize Bio is an SEO authority site, with rankings on keywords that cost $2-10 per click to buy on Google. 

By matching the content to what the scientist is searching for, you get a researcher who is deeply engaged and paying attention.

Over 30,000 Email Subscribers

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We reserve our email lists for limited eBlasts, as well as eNewsletter sponsorships.

Key Market Sectors

65% University
17% Industry
8% Hospitals
7% Government
3% Other
scientific advertising for scientists

Targeted Channels

DNA/RNA Manipulation and Analysis
Cloning & Expression  
Protein Expression & Analysis
Genomics and Epigenetics
Flow Cytometry
Microscopy & Imaging
Cells and Model Organisms
Analytical Chemistry and Chromatography Techniques

science webinars for targeted channels
  • Science Webinars by 100+ PhD Scientist Writers
Bitesize Bio began with a scientist sharing insights from the Lab with others scientists, and grew into this professional content platform of science webinars and articles written by, and for, scientists.
  • S2S Marketing Process Improves Outcomes
We have developed a marketing process by testing it with millions of scientists, and hundreds of companies trying to reach them. The result is more than a webinar or article; it's content marketing with a lead generating process built to improve targeting and quality of leads.
S2S Science Marketing Webinars provide a live and on-demand event, engagement, and targeted lead gathering, with scientists as your audience.
With the power of video to attract and engage, we have developed a special process to make sure you get the most out of every science webinar on Bitesize Bio. Whether a single science webinar, or a series of webinars dripped out over the year to bring in new leads and nurture continuing ones, we have you covered.

S2S Marketing - Scientist to Scientist - helps you match your company to the right audience, and the right content for those scientists. We'll guide you to the right mix that delivers ongoing value to you.
S2S Science Webinar Marketing Workflow
S2S science webinar marketing

Science webinars are excellent Lead Magnets – content that attracts and engages Scientists – because of the power of video today to create conversions. We accelerate the process while delivering high quality presentations that continue delivering value on-demand.

Here's how to start:

Choose from our list of expert presenters, or supply your own.

The live webinar is promoted for up to 12 weeks on our website and via email.

On Demand video is promoted to our audience via newsletters, site & social channels so they can watch it when they want.

Leads list and stats report immediately after the live event, and on an ongoing basis. 

Custom webinar funnels and custom audiences, improving attendance and conversion, are put into place by our experienced Team.

Your Science Webinars Made Simple 
You get a growing, custom audience of scientists searching for solutions, and tuned to your niche:

• Invigorate brand awareness year after year with educational articles and science webinars;

• Build a steady flow of leads yearly, with science webinars and resulting content as lead magnets;

• Creating "attract and engage" educational webinars on the primary webinar topic, to drive traffic and add SEO juice to the on-demand webinar.

The science webinars are comprehensive, SEO-enhanced for ongoing traffic, and can be completely outsourced, or we collaborate with your vision. 

The goal is to take one science webinar and turn it into ongoing value, measured by search traffic, leads, and sales.

When you take the next step, with several webinars and Lead Magnets, the value grows even more. Set up a quick call with our Team and we’ll answer questions and show you how it works.

Honored to serve Life Science companies and the community for 10 years.
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