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Life Science Marketing 2.0: Missing Piece in your Marketing Strategy

Companies who are highly successful in the Life Science Sector, such as New England Biolabs, Qiagen and Thermo Fisher, all have one thing in common; they don’t rely solely on product marketing to get results.

They actively catalyze their product marketing campaigns using content marketing systems that deliver useful content to researchers in their target market. This draws researchers into the company's sphere of influence and primes them to receive product marketing, which multiplies the success of all their product marketing campaigns.

The Problem

If you are seeing only the same old “so-so” results from your product marketing, it is because - like most companies in this sector - you do not have efficient, automated market nurturing systems in place to catalyze your product marketing campaigns. It’s true that many companies deploy isolated bursts of engaging content - like short-lived webinars, the odd blog post, or individual eBooks. But these are not nurturing systems.

The Solution

Over the last nine years, Bitesize Bio has perfected a system called Life Science Marketing 2.0, which makes it easy to:

  • Acquire self-selected researchers targeted to your niche
  • Build your brand’s visibility and Influence by delivering right place, right time education to those researchers
  • Feed your product marketing campaigns by using retargeting technology to create multiple re-influencing touchpoints with each acquired researcher, and taper in product messaging and conversion opportunities over time
  • And So Much More...

This isn’t short term marketing, or pay per play like you are used to. With Life Science Marketing 2.0, all of the above occurs automatically and perpetually, month after month, year after year, to continuously multiply the effectiveness of your product marketing campaigns. It requires minimal input from you and demands no recurring fees.

The Proof

Life Science Marketing 2.0 is proven. And Bitesize Bio is the best proof. Over the last nine years, we have used this system to grow Bitesize Bio from a one-man blog into a platform that routinely acquires, engages and delights 2.15 million bioscience researchers per year.

Bitesize Bio’s monthly traffic growth since 2009 due to Life Science Marketing 2.0 principles and systems

Every other 3rd party marketing option in this sector is focused on product marketing or isolated, non-systematic content engagement. And no agency in this sector has ever created content systems that are proven to systematically engage millions of bioscientists per year.   

But Bitesize Bio is the only company that can provide you with this proven solution that will transform your company’s reputation and relationship with its customer base, and multiply the results you see from your product marketing campaigns.

To understand exactly how Life Science Marketing 2.0 works, and how it can perpetually multiple the efficacy of all of your product marketing campaigns, download our Life Science Marketing 2.0 Strategy Bulletin now.

Enter your details below to request our “Life Science Marketing 2.0” Strategy Bulletin
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