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Life Science Advertising
How to Market to Scientists and Create Leads
Exclusive Access to 250,000+ Scientists Per Month 
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Bitesize Bio is a growing community, where over 3 million life science researchers go each year to find advice and solutions that help them in the lab and beyond. 
• They come not in search of watercooler topics like news or the latest research, but when they have a urgent, unsolved problem that needs a solution today. 

• There is no better moment for you to market your life science products and services, because it’s solutions they seek. 

We developed S2S – Scientist to Scientist Marketing – to engage scientists.  The result is effective, life science advertising.
Readership and Demographics 
↪ 3 million + scientists visit each year
↪ Over 4.5 million page views yearly
↪ 2.25 million visitors annually from organic search
↪ 250,000 unique visitors per month
↪ 29,000 registered users
↪ 454,000 monthly page views

life science advertising
Life Science Companies Trust S2S
life science advertising clients of Bitesize BIo
life science advertising clients of Bitesize BIo
Life Science Advertising Options 
Science Webinars
life science advertising
Media Ads
life science advertising
life science advertising emails
LIfe Science Advertising Option 1. Science Webinars 
Most traditional webinars don’t engage people, they waste time. Perhaps you promote a live broadcast and get some engagement and leads.

We turn your Webinar into fully SEO optimized, permanent Bitesize Bio placement that drives engagement, builds influence and creates retargeting and ongoing conversion opportunities for you.

For what is often less than the cost of a traditional webinar, we help you deliver an engaging presentation they remember, while driving Leads.

Webinar pricing varies based on the number of webinars chosen; contact us for details.

life science advertising as webinars
Life Science Advertising Option 2. Email Marketing 
Solo Emails
Email Campaigns are one the most effective forms of marketing. We also do not allow too many, to protect our subscribers and you.
• We limit it to a maximum of two Email Campaigns per month, which keep their eyes fresh for your offering.

• Your HTML email can be sent to our entire list, or targeted to one of our channel subscriber lists.

• The average open rate for HTML Email Campaigns is 22% and the average click-through rate is 3.12%.

Solo Email Campaign Pricing
scientific advertising with solo email
scientific advertising with solo email
Newsletter Sponsorships
Every month we send out one newsletter to each of our channels, and one to all subscribers.
• Only up to two sponsors per newsletter are offered, with the option of exclusive sponsorship.

• 250px X 250px sponsor banners will appear at the top and bottom of the newsletter for maximum visibility.

• The average open rate of our newsletters is 24% and the average click-through rate (based on sends) is 0.29% for channel-targeted and 0.23% for sends to our entire list.

See for Yourself
We'll show you examples and solutions, some common and some not so common, in scientific advertising
LIfe Science Advertising 3. Banner Advertising
We offer two 250px X 250px banner ads per page,- so your placement is highly visible. Your banner rotates between these two positions to help improve results. 

Available formats include Image, HTML5 or Flash.

scientific advertising with banner ads
Custom Ad Combos
We can build a custom ad combination to meet your one-off, monthly or annual budget. Name your budget, and we will put together a deal for you. 

Here are some examples:  

3 month Banner and Email Combo
• 3 month run-of-site banner campaign (25,000 impressions/month)
• 3 month channel website banner campaign (5,000 impressions/month)
• 3 month channel newsletter sponsorship (shared, 5,000 sends/month)
• 2 channel email campaigns (min 5,000 sends each)
Trial Package Cost: $5000

12 month Banner Combo
• 12 month run-of-site banner campaign (minimum 50,000 impressions/month)
• 12 month channel website banner campaign (minimum 5,000 impressions/month)
LIST PRICE: $14400
Trial Package Cost: $10000

6 Email Campaign Combo
• 2 sends to our whole list (minimum 27,000 sends each)
• 4 sends to your specified target channel (minimum 5,000 sends each)
LIST PRICE: $14750
Trial Package Cost: $10200

Now you’ve read the concepts, let us help you put it into action. 

Let us know the budget and objectives you have, and we’ll create an advertising solution specially for you. 

Life science advertising made simple.
Questions? Call (510) 730 3116 and email us.
S2S Marketing at BitesizeBio
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